Rand's Curry
-gently cook the spices

Enjoy several days of saucy vegetarian and vegan curries delivered to your doorstep. Welcome to Rand's Curry.

I'm operating as a hybrid personal chef. I'm cooking from my home kitchen, but anyone within a 5 mile radius of Bridlemile Elementry School (see zip codes below) can order at any time from the menu/order page. I cook in the early morning and you can choose a delivery time between 4pm and 9pm.

The Financial Samurai suggests using a service like Rand's Curry. I'm more of a Mr. Money Mustache kind of guy myself. It's why I sell the cookbook and focus on education. Either way, Rand's Curry is built to replace multiple days, even a whole week of cooking for your family. To use this in an MMM friendly way, you would experience what it is like having this much food on hand and then learn how to make it yourself. A kind of jump start.

COVID-19 Friendly. My ordering system ensures that most ingredients are bought the day before delivery. Delivery is contactless and ordering several days of food will keep you out of the stores longer. Curries have a use by date of one week.

Delivering to zip codes: 97005, 97008, 97201, 97202, 97219, 97221, 97223, 97225, 97239.