Rand's Curry
-gently cook the spices


Do not show up at this address. This is not a traditional restaurant. It is delivery only!

Rands Curry Kitchen LLC
4585 SW Julia St
Portland, OR 97221
(503) 939-9579

Don't hestitate to send me an email. I'm passionate about curries and want to share!

It looks like the search engines are going to link up all my online activities, so here are the links to my other sites so you know what is really mine:

dottrombone.com/music - I've got 20 years of my solo music compositions posted here as mp3 files. Have a curry delivered, make a pot of rice, light a candle and then click on the By the Fire button there to get the full Rand's Curry experience.

flickbricker.com - This is my most polished video game. Very fun if not entirely original. A sequel is in the works!

picstopuzzles.com - Another one of my games. I started this site in 2006. You can turn one of your images into a sliding tile puzzle here and then send a link of it to your friends!

pinball-maze.com and related sites - I collaborated with Maze-ologist Warren Stokes in the mid 2010's on a maze game that behaved a little bit like a pinball game. It worked best on the iPad. You would tilt the iPad to move the ball around. It was an ambitious project using my collision detection math. We got a bug free prototype made, but never got a polished version of it. I always hold onto the idea that it can be revived some day. Technology has passed it by though and it would basically have to be coded from scratch again. I doubt I'll ever do that work, but it may be good to pass on to an apprentice some day.

4040in2020.com - I ran for US Representative in 2018 and 2020 on a climate change platform. Part of the idea of Rand's Curry is to educate and encourage people to adopt a vegan and/or vegetarian lifestyle. I'm passionate about the idea of individual action to fight climate change. I don't believe the government can just flick a switch and solve all our problems. My platform was based on the idea of people working from home. It was tested by the world in April of 2020 when the coronavirus hit. Global emissions dropped by 17% that month. Working from home can significantly reduce carbon emissions. So can having a low meat diet. It takes a lot of food to feed an animal to become meat. I'm not trying to lay down a guilt trip. I love meat and eat it occasionally. But this equation has to be solved. Our individual actions matter. Supporting Rand's Curry is supporting this cause in more ways than one. Just because I lost a couple elections doesn't mean the idea is a lost cause!