Rand's Curry
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Why are the curries so expensive?

My pricing is similar, ounce to ounce, as the nearby Swagat Indian restaurant. Their Aloo Saag is $16 for a 16oz serving which would be $64 for a 64oz serving. My 64oz curries are $60. Because I'm operating on a much smaller scale than Swagat, it would be impractical to make such a small batch.

If one person is eating one quart of curry a day and making one cup of rice and splitting that between lunch and dinner, the price per meal is approximately $16 (including delivery and rice). You'd certainly pay $32 for one meal (including the tip) for two in a nice restaurant. Some of the fast food orders I've made lately are over $10.

What is a Hybrid Personal Chef?

A personal chef typically comes to your home and prepares several days of food. A hybrid personal chef makes you several days of food, but is ordered and delivered like pizza delivery.

Why do I have to order days in advance?

One of the requirements under the domestic kitchen license, is for the food to be refrigerated and that takes serveral hours to do properly. Planning ahead like this also allows me to buy all of the ingredients the day before delivery. Because of that, nothing goes to waste and the ingredients are always fresh. The use by date on the curries is one week. Be sure to keep them refigerated.

Can I pick up my order to save the delivery charge?

Zoning will not allow customers to come to my home, so I am forced to deliver. Whether I'm delivering one block or 5 miles, I still have to pay for my car and insurance.

Are you going to grow into a full service restaurant?

It's certainly a possibility, but it is not my main goal. Providing a high quality product and diverse menu are my main goals. It would be nice to have a restaurant to feature some live jazz though. But now is not the best time to start a traditional restaurant!

These plastic containers are a bit wasteful. Is there an alternative?

I absolutely hate being the litterbug. I wanted to use mason jars, but it would make things a lot more complicated with the health inspector. So I had to give up that battle. Using a small electric car for deliveries and turning people on to cooking vegan/vegetarian food by selling the spiral bound cookbook is the tradeoff for using the plastic containers.

What are your favorite Star Trek quotes?

"I was made to offer the past in this manner. I cannot change." - the guardian of forever

"How do you know what I want?" - Sulu

"I won't harm a hair on its head. Wherever that is." - McCoy

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